Call for Paper

ICIT 2017 the main topics are shown in the below, but not limited to that


A01 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning; A02 Particle swarm optimization; A03 pattern recognition; A04 Cognitive science; A05 Cloud computing; A06 High-Performance Computing; A07 Wireless Communications



B01 Intelligent Control and Automation; B02 Image Processing; B03 Virtual Reality and Human-Computer Interaction; B04 Speech Processing; B05 Computer Vision; B06 Information Security; B07 Data mining & knowledge discovery; B08 Data Fusion; B09 Natural Language Processing and Computational Linguistics; B10 Biometrics Recognition; B11 Communication Networks; B12 Data Analysis & Prediction; B13 Intelligent Sensor Networks; B14 Signal Processing & Communication; B15 Control & Intelligent Sensor; B16 Image Processing & Communication


C.Internet of Things

C01 Architecture and Infrastructure; C02 System Design Modeling and Evaluation; C03 Distributed Sensing and Control; C04 Networks and Communications; C05 Intelligent Data Processing and Ubiquitous Computing; C06 Intelligent Management; C07 Reliability, Security, Privacy and Trust; C08 Applications, Business, Standards, and Social Issues


CCIOT 2017 the main topics are shown in the below, but not limited to that

I. Cloud computing 1. Architecture

I. Cloud computing 2. MapReduce

I. Cloud computing 3. Security and Privacy

I. Cloud computing 4. Services and Applications

I. Cloud computing 5. Virtualization

I. Cloud computing 6. HPC on Cloud

I. Cloud computing 7. Big Data

II. Internet of things 1. Technologies

II. Internet of things 2. Application and Services

II. Internet of things 3. Societal Impacts

II. Internet of things 4. Experimental Results