About HNU

Brief Introduction to Harbin Normal University  

    Harbin Normal University is a time-honored comprehensive university with integration of teaching and research. It is a major base for training talents in education, arts, humanistic social sciences and natural sciences and a base for research in Heilongjiang. It is one of the key high-level provincial universities.

    Since her founding, the school has adhered to the motto: “Cultivate virtue and study hard; Be broad-minded and steadfast”, made great efforts in practicing the rule of “Great learning makes a teacher and moral integrity makes a model”, carried forward the good tradition of “Dare to be the first, strive for excellence, struggle arduously, seek truth and practicality, advance with the times and make renovations” and cultivated and provided more than 330,000 quality talents in various fields at different levels. The school witnessed and took part in the great and glorious course of rejuvenation of the new China with her own history of growth.

    The fundamental conditions of the school are excellent for teaching and research with a competitive faculty. The school covers an area of 4.96 million square meters with the total building area coverage of the school is 1.6001 million square meters. The total amount of fixed assets is 2.435 billion yuan. The gross value of teaching and research equipments and instruments is 250 million yuan. The library has a collection of 3.81 million volumes. The school has a faculty of more than 3,500 teachers and workers, including 2030 full-time teachers, 1,080 professors and associate professors, 661 PhD candidate supervisors and supervisors for postgraduate students. The number of state-level experts with major contribution, state-level famous teachers, state-level teachers with the title of the “Hundred-Thousand-Ten Thousand Technical Leaders at Various Levels”, and those experts that enjoy the special bonus from the State Council is 68 in this school. The number of “Longjiang” scholars, winners of the Provincial Outstanding Youngsters Fund, famous provincial teachers and provincial-level experts with major contribution is 77.

    The university has a complete line of specialties and programs. Now there are 26 schools (divisions), 61 undergraduate specialties,1 state-level high-quality teaching team, 1 state-level experimental teaching demonstration center, 1 state-level innovative talent training test zone, 6 provincial experimental teaching demonstration center, 10 state-level characteristic specialties, 18 provincial key specialties,11provincial key programs (groups), 19 provincial key discipline leaders team, 2 class-A mobile post-doctoral research stations, 5 class-A PhD degree conferment programs, 42 class-B PhD degree conferment programs, 22 class-A master’s degree conferment programs, 132 class-B master’s degree conferment programs and 6 categories of specialized master’s degrees. The present enrollment of the university consists of 42000 undergraduate students, MA students and PhD candidates.

    There are 4 state research bases, 8 provincial and provincial key university research bases in humanistic social science, 1 key laboratory of Ministry of Education established jointly by the Province and Ministry of Education and 7 provincial key laboratories and key laboratories of provincial universities in the university. 7 provincial first-grade societies, such as Heilongjiang Society of Psychology, are affiliated to our school. There are 51 research institutes and R&D centers in the university. 14 academic journals sponsored by this university are published in public both at home and abroad.

    The school insists on running the school under open policy. Extensive international cultural exchange and cooperation are carried out. Close relations on education and technical cooperation and academic exchange has been established with more than seventy universities, colleges and research institutes in more than twenty countries and regions including USA, Japan, Canada, Australia, Russia, Poland, South Korea and South Africa. Three Confucius institutes were founded overseas by this university. They are the schools that can enroll the “Chinese Government Scholarship Students” and “Confucius Institute Scholarship Students” and they serve as the bases for HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi) or the Chinese Proficiency Test.

    In recent years, the school has won the titles of the “Advanced Unit for Ideological and Political Work of Heilongjiang Province”, the “Advanced unit of study-oriented party organization in Heilongjiang”, the “Advanced party organization of basic level of Higher Learning Institutes of Heilongjiang Province”, the “Advanced unit for Honest Party Conduct and Clean Administration of Heilongjiang Province” the “Advanced Unit for Disciplinary Inspection and Supervision Work of the National Education System”, the “Advanced Unit for Democratic Management of Higher Learning Institutes of Heilongjiang Province”, the “Advanced Collective for Educating People by Three Ways in Heilongjiang Education System”, the “Advanced Unit for Construction of Teachers Ethics in Heilongjiang Education System”, the “Model of Civilized Units of Heilongjiang”, the “National Advanced Unit for Construction of Ethic Civilization” and other honors. The school gained outstanding results at the undergraduate teaching level evaluation by the Ministry of Education in 2005. The school was highly affirmed and well received by the appraising experts of the Ministry of Education.

  At the a new starting point for development of higher education, the school will continue to hold high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, take Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important thought of the “Three Represents” as the guideline, thoroughly implement the scientific concept of development, study and implement the “Outline of the National Medium-Term and Long-Term Education Reform and Development Plan”, take active part in the state strategy of reinvigorating the country through human resource development and the strategy of reinvigorating Heilongjiang Province through higher education, adhere to the principle of “stabilizing scale, adjusting structure, strengthening administration, improving quality and promoting profitability for renovation and development” for education, speed up our pace in construction of a more powerful university, do our best to build the school into a comprehensive high-level university with integration of teaching and research and with teachers’ education as her strong point, give full play to her advantages and characteristics in the efforts to reinvigorate the country and the province through higher education and make new contribution for national and local economic, social, scientific and cultural development!