Dr. Chonghua Fang

Invited Speech Title: Analytical Formulation for the Quantum Radar Scattering of the Rectangular Plate

Speaker's Bio:
Chonghua Fang
China ship development and design center, Science and Technology on Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory, Wuhan, P.R. China

PhD Design and Construction of Ship and Marine Structure (2009)
Area of Specialization: electromagnetic scattering
Dissertation: Optimization design simulation of RCS of the ship
Tutors: Academician Lu jianxun and Academician Huang pei kang
Huazhong University of science and technology, College of physics, Wuhan, P.R. China
ME Material Physics and Chemistry (2005)
Area of Specialization: giant magnetoresistance (GMR) materials

Invited Speech Abstract:
There has been much recent interest in quantum information for applications to remote sensing such as in quantum radar. In order to analyze and solve the prediction of scattering problems better, an analytical expression has been proposed for the quantum cross section (QRCS) of a rectangular target with single photon pulse. And it can predict the QRCS in both monostatic and bistatic scenes for different pitch and azimuthal angles. In addition, the comparison of our numerical simulationr esults with the analytical solutions reveals that they agree with one another extremely well. Finally, we also used the predicted data to illustrate the cause of the sidelobe enhancement effect between monostatic QRCS and corresponding the classic radar cross section (CRCS).