Prof. Masanori Hamamura

Keynote Speech Title: Future Generation Waveform Design for Wireless Communications

Speaker's Bio:
Dr. Masanori Hamamura is a Professor of the School of Information at Kochi University of Technology, Kochi, Japan, now a Dean of the School and a Head of the Informatics Course, Graduate School of Engineering at Kochi University of Technology.  He was a Research Fellow of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (1998-2000) and a visiting researcher at Centre for Telecommunications Research at King's College London, UK (1998-1999).  He has been serving as a Chair of IEEE Shikoku Section (2017-2018), Vice Chair of IEICE Technical Committee on Wideband System (2016-2018), Associate Editor, Guest Associate Editor and Guest Editor of IEICE Transactions on Fundamentals of Electronics, Communications and Computer Sciences, including Special Section on Wideband Systems and Special Section on Information Theory and Its Applications, and Technical Program Committee member of IEEE Conferences including ICC and WCNC, and so on.  His research interests are in the areas of signal design, wireless communications and signal processing.

Keynote Speech Abstract: We will review spectrally efficient waveform designs, including filterbank multicarrier (FBMC) signals, that can be used to realize exceptionally small out-of-band power emissions.  One of the main topics in this talk is the prolate spheroidal wave functions (PSWFs), which is known to be a set of waveforms that achieves the highest spectral efficiency (the minimum out-of-band power emissions) with a finite time duration.  Inverse discrete Fourier transform (IDFT) based configuration of the transmitter is discussed for easy implementation of the PSWFs.