Professor Zan Li, IET Fellow, IEEE Senior Member, Fellow of Chinese Institute of Electronics, Xidian University


Professor Zan Li, IET Fellow, IEEE Senior Member, Fellow of Chinese Institute of Electronics, Xidian University

Speaker's bio:

Zan Li received the Ph.D. degrees in Communication and information systems from Xidian University, Xi’an, China, in 2006. Currently, she is a professor and Ph.D supervisor of Xidian University. She is also the chair of cognitive and communication signal research center in State Key Laboratory of Integrated Services Networks (ISN) of China. She is IET Fellow,IEEE Senior Member, Fellow of Chinese Institute of Electronics, and the Committee Member of 12th Chinese Youth Federation. She serves as the associated editor of the International Journal of Communications Systems. She holds an important post in many international conferences and serves as the invited speaker for many international conferences. She is the general chair of IEEE CITS 2016 and served as the organizing committee co-chair of IEEE CIT 2014. She also served as the technical program committee member of IEEE GLOBECOM 2015, IEEE ICC 2015, and so on. She was recruited as the Yangtze River scholar of Education Ministry of China and awarded the twelfth “Young Women Scientists Award”, the thirteenth “China Youth Science and Technology Award”, “The May Day Women's pacesetter”, New Century Excellent Talents in University (NCET) Programmed by Education Ministry of China, and the Young Teacher Fund of China Fok Ying Yung Education Foundation.

Her current research interests include cognitive frequency hopping, wireless communication signal processing, and spectrum sensing. She has presided over more than 40 research projects, including the Major National Science and Technology Projects of China, the National 863 project of China. And she developed meteor trail emergency communication system, frequency hopping anti-jamming chips and electromagnetic spectrum monitoring system based on multiple nodes cooperation, which have been applied in state satellite, ocean-going vessels and other equipment. Up to now, her achievements include 4 provincial science and technology awards, 3 professional academic with the first author, and more than 47 national patents where 34 have been authorized. She also has published more than 140 academic papers in important journals and conferences such as IEEE Trans. on Communications and IEEE GLOBECOM.

Speech Title: High Security Intelligent FH Sequence for Cognitive Frequency Hopping

Speech abstract:
Nowadays, various jamming, eavesdropping and other attacks become serious threats for the people’s information privacy in business and military applications. Hence, the information transmission of high security applications requires strong anti-jamming and anti-interception capability. Recently, a new technique named cognitive frequency hopping (FH) is proposed to realize the high security, reliability and efficient communication. As one of the key technologies for the FH commutation, the performance of the FH sequence, which controls the frequency regularity of the FH signal, determines the anti-intercept performance of the cognitive FH in practices. Meanwhile, the complexity, which means the ability to avoid the sequence being reconstructed from the obtained sub-sequence available, is the most important indicator to reflect the sequence’s security. This talk will introduce some of our works on study intelligent anti-jamming FH sequence based on the requirement of the high security cognitive FH communication, and the two complexity metrics based on the information entropy are proposed to evaluate the anti-cryptanalysis ability of the FH sequence. Accordingly, this intelligent anti-jamming FH sequence could be extensively applied in cognitive FHMA network, especially for the high security applications such as counter-terrorism, mobile communication, etc.