About harbin

About Harbin

  You are witness to a city of legends. At the northern most point of China, and the eastern most end of the world, it wakes at dawn each morning, and loses itself in ecstasy each night.

  Across the street, old and young observe each other, youthful passion on one side, and meditative reflection on the other. The city integrating cultural diversity, breaking down geographical barriers, transcending time and space with bigger dreams, stronger personality and clearer direction than all the rest.

Child of Nature

  Unlike cities that remain the same throughout the year, Harbin has four clear seasons. The city is located at latitude 45 degrees north of the equator, providing ideal conditions for raising cattle, cultivating corn, and proceduring instrument manufacturing, earning the reputation as the golden milk and corn belt.

  The river blesses the city; the river brings the city spirit; the river brings the city life. Harbin grew up at the Songhua River, and always follows the ethos of bringing prosperity to both banks of the Songhua River.

Ice City & Summer Capital

  Interest in snow and ice sports are developing fast in China, being to the ice city, huge numbers of enthusiasts and massive business opportunities for people from all over the world. The ice and snow art festival is already famous, spurring the city arm toward forever more novelties to dazzle the visitors’ eyes. Kabuli is not only the finest resort for competition and tourist ski in China; it also boasts a year round conference center for Chinese entrepreneurs.

  Because the passion brought by the cold air of winter is not enough to satisfy the city, Harbin is reinventing itself a new, as a resort with a different trademark ---- the summer capital, since it is very cool and confortable in summer, this feature attract lots of tourist to spend hot summer time at here.

The World’s Granary

  The most dazzling thing can be both the most mondain and also the most glorious ---- the black earth. For centuries, all the stories of Northeast China begin and end with this black earth, its earth from out of which you can grow anything you wish for. Here are produced China’s most fundamental granary commodities, here is found the country’s biggest production area for grains, milk; and here, many famous global dairy brands find their green and safe supply of raw materials.

The northern most, but not the further most; the coldest, but also the warmest. Welcome to Harbin.