Plenary Speeches

 Plenary Speech I: The Internet of Things Big Data Analytics

The Big Data of the future will be generated by Internet of Things (IoT) i.e., billions of “things” connected to the Internet. The IoT Data is very different from the traditional static Data. It is Data in Flight, Data in Motion and it is called Streaming Data i.e., data arrive in streams continuously and so rapidly that it is not feasible or useful to store it in a conventional database and then analyze it at the time of our choosing, if it is not processed immediately, then it is lost forever. The Nature of Data Management and Data Analytics have changed. 

The Biggest Challenge of the Big Data is management and mining of ever-increasing massive volumes of streams of data generated by IoT. This talk will focus on the challenges of the emerging area of Management and Analytics of IoT Big Data Streams. The talk will provide a short history of M2M and IoT technologies, as well as a review of current research on data streams management and analytics. Emphasize will be on stream data acquisition, stream data quality, and stream data mining techniques. Future research directions and opportunities for real- time large scale IoT Big Data Streams Analytics will be introduced.

Mahmoud Daneshmand, PhD 

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Industry Professor
Business Intelligence & Analytics
Howe School of Technology Management
Stevens Institute of Technology
Hoboken, NJ, USA

Emeritus Distinguished Member of Technical Staff
Assistant Chief Scientist
AT&T Shannon Labs - Research
Florham Park, NJ, USA                           

Plenary Speech II: The Role of Trust in the Future World of Internet of Things

Over the past two decades we have seen the internet evolve from being strictly a network of computers towards today’s and the future’s Internet of Things (IoT), involving a much broader range of connectivity involving both physical and virtual objects. In the next generation of internet, the IoT is expected to connect all of the five major categories of resources, namely time, money, physical, human and information resources. Through this evolution of connectivity, issues surrounding trust, including such aspects as reliability, security, privacy and safety have become sources of ever increasing concern in today’s societies. In this presentation we review some historical trends and challenges related to trust throughout this evolution of networking and connectivity and discuss areas of most likely research focus on this subject over the next decade. In particular, ongoing efforts and future directions for research of the IEEE and the IEEE Reliability Society will be presented.

Dr. Christian K. Hansen
Dr. Christian K. Hansen 

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President, IEEE Reliability Society
Associate Dean and Head
School of Computing and Engineering Sciences
Eastern Washington University
138 Communications Building
Cheney, WA 99004-2408, USA

Plenary Speech III: Interactive exploration of large image collections

Image collections, both private and commercial, are growing rapidly and hence efficient and effective tools to manage these repositories are highly sought after. Content-based approaches, which are based on the principle of visual similarity derived from image features, seem necessary as most images are unannotated. However, typical content-based retrieval systems have shown only limited usefulness.

In my talk, I will present interactive image database browsing systems as an interesting alternative to direct retrieval approaches. Exploiting content-based concepts, large image collections can be visualised based on their mutual visual similarity, while the user is given the possibility of interactively exploring them further through various browsing operations. After introducing the main approaches to visualising and browsing image databases, I will focus on some of the systems that we have developed in our lab for this purpose, in particular the Hue Sphere Image Browser and the Honeycomb Image Browser as well their recent ports to mobile devices.

Dr. Gerald Schaefer

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Department of Computer Science
Loughborough University
Loughborough, LE11 3TU, U.K.