About Changchun Normal University

Brief Introduction to the Changchun Normal University:

    Changchun Normal University is located in the vast plain of Changchun. The University was founded in 1958 and has grown tremendously over the past 50 years. Officially designated as an “Institution of Higher Learning”, the University was granted the “Award of Excellence” in both 2001 and 2007. Since its establishment, Changchun Normal University has awarded countless Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees to students that have made significant contributions to society after graduating and conversely given the school a good reputation. 

     Changchun Normal University has a total land area of 460,300 square meters and a building area of 328,000 square meters, in which houses 82.1 million RMB worth of teaching and research equipment. The library collection is extensive, encompassing 1,074,100 volumes and 417,000 electronic volumes (accessible via the library database). The library also contains a wide selection of magazines and academic journals, as well as a considerable number of completed theses. The University houses a fully equipped gym and an exceptional track and field oval. Internet is accessible campus-wide. The University encourages an avant-garde approach to teaching, with various areas of study creating an online presence by providing adequate instructions online.

    The University employs 969 staff members. There are 688 faculty members, amongst which include 233 professors and associate professors, 33 holders of Doctorate degrees and 324 holders of Master’s degrees. 45 faculty members receive a monthly endowment from either the central government or the provincial government.

    The total student population at Changchun Normal University is 18,274, of which 16,987 are undergraduate students. The University offers 46 Bachelor’s degrees across 17 disciplines. The school has 3 research centers that conform to national standards and 5 research centers that are qualified at the provincial level.

    The University has, for the past 50 years, produced more than 50,000 graduates that teach at the grade school, high school and collegiate levels. From this pool of graduates, there are many successful members of society that have gained recognition within their chosen fields.

    Students from Changchun Normal University come from 29 provinces. 95.4% of the school’s graduates have found work upon graduation, which is considered a very high percentage in Jilin province.

    Changchun Normal University assigns great importance to its international collaboration and exchange programs and has built strong cooperative ties with a number of notable universities and research centres in Australia, Russia, Japan, Korea, Hungary, Canada and Thailand. International professors have also been invited to lecture at the University. 

    Teachers and students from the University have also been sent abroad for studies and training. For the past three years, Changchun Normal University has taken the initiative in organizing various international academic meetings and forums. This has expanded the University’s global connections and further promoted the University’s academic and technological advancement. More importantly, it has resulted in the reformation of certain academic methods that are now considered “static”.

    Over the past 50 years, the University has undergone steady and continuous growth. New buildings have been periodically added to accommodate for the addition of new courses to the University’s curriculum. Changchun Normal University is renowned for the large number of quality teachers it produces.