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    Analysis, design, and development of various antennas
    Design of wide-band antennas and small antennas
    Empirical, theoretical, and computational models of antennas and arrays
    Material properties and their applications in new antenna design
    Reconfigurable and tunable antennas, optical and nano antennas
    Antenna arrays and signal processing for antennas

Wave Propagation
    Theoretical and computational methods of predicting wave propagation and sensing
    Characterization of propagation channels
    Applications of wave propagation (wireless communications, multipath interference, underground communications, biomedical applications, etc.)
    Multiple antenna systems for spatial, polarization, pattern and other diversity applications

    Measurement, instrumentation, specification, and standards of electrical quantities
    Measurement techniques for antennas, electromagnetic radiation, propagation, and scattering
    Design of microwave absorbers and material characterization
    Imaging and sensing using electromagnetic fields and waves

    Fundamental and advanced theory, analytical, numerical solutions, and CAD
    Diffraction, scattering, inverse scattering, polarization, and target identification
    Radiation, scattering, radar cross section, propagation, and interaction with all media
    Novel electromagnetic materials (metamaterials, electromagnetic bandgap structures)

Microwaves, Millimeter Waves and THz
    Solid state circuits, low-noise circuits, and high-power circuits, monolithic integrated circuits passive circuits, packaging, interconnects, MCMs, and MEMS
    Ferrite and SAW components, superconducting components and technology
    Microwave-Optical design, high speed digital circuits and SI, submillimeter wave techniques
    THz technology, measurement and imaging

    EMC and EMI modeling, EMC test methods in industry, environment, near-field for FF problem solving, near-field probers, and functional safety NF scanning for PCB characterization